We Are All Fine Art

In the art world, one of the distinctions made between various artistic expressions is that of fine art and production work. At my job I make production glass art, carefully piecing each ornament or wall art or table piece together in the same way each time.

In the human world, we make many distinctions between various expressions of humanity. We might deconstruct a person based on how we perceive they should be. But friends, God is a fine artist. All His work is strictly original.

Social media and the countless ways we can communicate in high tech fashion show a trend of polarization among our society. Based on comments, photos, posts and shared posts we can size someone up pretty quickly into religious, political, racial and other categories. This can bring someone to our side in agreement, or alienate others who have different views and experiences. The high school clique has now grown to include multitudes of technologically connected people who are think alike, look alike, and speak alike.

But God is not a God of divisions, denominations, or separation along these lines.

Come on over to Jumping Tandem the Retreat and read the rest!

Jumping Tandem: The Retreat

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