Sometimes I feel insignificant, so small and lacking. I want to provide shelter for all the ones I care about but my resources don’t go far enough.


Sometimes I feel hidden, like I blend in and am lost in everyone else’s amazingness.



And sometimes I feel vulnerable, like I and my little house are hanging by a thin little wire.



But thankfully I come back to feeling grateful. If I look around I realize I am in a place of beauty. My home and family are where they need to be, in the Father’s hand. I look out instead of in, and my perspective changes when I see how many things there are to be thankful for.

It’s not even about counting and collecting blessings, but about looking up to see the Father’s smile, as He looks right at me. Then how I feel is suddenly changed by what I know; that I am loved.

How are you feeling today and have you seen Him smile at you lately?




  1. Jennifer, I love this! I still get caught up in “performing” for God instead of just being in His presence and receiving His love. Thanks for the reminder to stop doing and just look up. He is looking right at me and smiling! I can hear his soft, gentle voice saying…Donna, Donna, you are worried about much, but only one thing is needed. I love you Jen! D

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