Incourage Community Groups

Hey Ladies! (sorry to my guy readers…maybe pass this on to a gal friend of yours? 🙂

I’m so excited to be a co-leader of a new (in)courager community group with one of my fave bloggers, Frances Patterson.  It is the “Create & Encourage” group, and today is the official registration day!©

Of course, if you are not into being creative, there are MANY groups to choose from. I have been a participant in a community group for a good part of the last year, and indeed it has been a very uplifting, supportive, and caring place.

Here are the categories of groups available, and when you click on the links there are specific groups within each category to explore.

Bible/Book Study

Empty Nesters/Women Over 50




Single/Professional Women

Special Care



The sweet part is that wherever you live, you can be a part of a community group. It all happens online in the digital universe through facebook (sorry, yes you MUST have a facebook account to participate). Some of you may not have access to a supportive community where you live for one reason or another. Find a place that interests you, to share with others who are probably a lot like you, and a lot like me.


Not to be too confusing 🙂 …the pics shown are from a real life meetup in Nebraska.  (in)rl happens each year with other (in)courage gals in the part of the world where we live.

Online or (in)rl, jump in and connect!




    1. Thanks Holly! Slowly making my way through all the leader links, excited to meet you all 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the creativity flow through the gals in this group!

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