Speak To Me

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who decided mid-sentence to turn and speak the opposite direction as you? Even though you are not over there and no one else is around?

Annoying, right?

Sometimes when I don’t write for a long time it is because of writer’s block. I stare at the screen and type a few paragraphs and it doesn’t even make sense to me, so in the trash icon it goes. But other times I really don’t have anything to say. I don’t like to waste readers’ time by writing something just for the sake of saying I wrote something that day. I know, this breaks at least a couple of writer’s rules.

This unplanned absence from writing has been a combination of things but maybe mostly it is because of that annoying circumstance when someone speaks away from you instead of to you.

I have the habit of doing what I’m doing, happily plodding along, and I don’t notice that the scenery around me has changed. I have walked off into another landscape. It’s not rebellious sin but negligent distraction. That doesn’t make it any better, it just makes it harder to discern.

The Lord never leaves us or forsakes us, so He is still walking with me. But His head is turned. He is still speaking but I’m not listening. I’m distracted.

Jesus doesn’t beg for my attention. He doesn’t pester me. He is persistent though. He knows I’ll realize that I’m missing something and eventually stop to figure out what it is.

You are joining me in that “Oh. Ohhhhhhh!” moment as I adjust my posture with the Lord so that I can actually hear Him.

This is my apology to the Lord, and my apology to you, for being gone so long.

So, let’s catch up for lost time. What has He been saying to you lately?


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