From Creed to Covenant


If you have not read the first part of this blog on raising or training our children, read that first, then this one will hopefully make more sense.

Here are some things that seem to be part of the generation of kids that God is raising up to represent Him.  Feel free to add your own insights.

1.  They are free from culture and code (written moral code), instead given to conscience and covenant.  Before you accuse me of saying that they have a right to sin, think about it.  In Jeremiah 31 God says that He will write His law on their hearts (especially the nation of Israel).  Obeying God will come naturally to them.  It will be something that they love to do.  Not because they have to (written law) or because they fear punishment (culture), but they are motivated by love.  I am not saying it will be easy for them in a world filled with evil.  But their desire to obey will come from their heart, not from rules.

Can you hear the longing in the Father’s voice here, for children that would follow Him without the live-by-the-rules and fear baggage?

And when sin sneaks in, there is covenant.  Covenant is basically God saying, “No matter what, I am yours and you are Mine; I will do everything necessary to keep every possible outcome for My glory and for your eternal inheritance in My kingdom.”  This generation is secure in Him because of the reality of this unbreakable covenant.

They recognize that the moral code our (church) culture strives to live by is actually a trap that enslaves people to more sin.  This generation are not spiritual performers, rather they base their actions on what will please the Father.

2.  They hear His voice.  Hearing His voice will not be special or out of the ordinary, but necessary for daily life.  We were not designed to live outside of earshot of God’s voice.  To live like hearing from God is a special occasion is a deception that we have too easily bought.

3.  They will not believe the accusations from the enemy about God, especially when it comes to the problem of evil.  This will not be a stumbling block to them.  They won’t demand an apology or explanation from God when things don’t go as expected, or when they suffer for righteousness.  This is another blog waiting to be written….

4.  Their hearts will not be cold towards God.  They will have a heightened sensitivity to what is on His heart, and He will freely share His secrets with them.  They know that there is simply no way around spending time with the Creator.

What else?



  1. Jen–You are hitting it right on the head. This culture is so fast and so pressured, it is easy to think we are parenting well when we are (maybe barely) keeping up! But it is only with careful time set apart with Him that we can see the importance of the training we do with our children–especially when it runs counter-culture. I am deep in thought about more additions to your list. As a parent and grandparent, we can never underestimate the impact we can have in the lives of the next generation(s). Keep pouring it on! Georgia

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