I’ll just have a little sip….

Seems like a simple word, really; Cup.

If I have a cup of something, whether it is soup or coffee or ice cream, it is something that I decided I wanted to eat or drink.

When Jesus used the word “Cup,” it was  filled with something that was given to Him.  Not forced on Him, not tricked into drinking, but given to Him to drink….willingly.  (Matt. 26:39, 42)

Why the metaphor?  Strong’s concordance indicates this word was often metaphorical, speaking of one’s lot in life, whether good or bad, given to each person by God.

What does your Cup look like?

Many times I have despaired, hating my “Cup,”  hating what I’ve been dealt, and I think:

Lord, please, anything but this.

And then I look around for who or what to blame.  I can blame my own choices.  I can blame the choices of others.  I can blame the devil.  Or, I can accept that God is responsible for what I get and knows best what I need.  There are elements of all of these at play and that affect us, but really, the One who gives me my Cup or my Portion is God.  If anyone else was responsible for our Cup, God would not be sovereign and our lives would yield to a new level of chaos that we have mercifully been spared.

I do the drinking; God gets to pick what’s on the menu.  I might want coffee with lots of cream, but He might give me something not quite to my liking, like bitterroot tea.

Jesus knew what was in His Cup.  I find it interesting that when Jesus rebuked Satan as his death neared, it was because the enemy was in the way of the Cross (Mark 8:33), not because Jesus was pressing in for a more successful life void of harassment.    I often rebuke Satan if my comfort is disturbed, not the other way around.

Allow  me to interrupt myself with Two Things I Am NOT Saying:

I am not saying that we are to BLAME God for our Cup.  Frankly I am weary of the bitterness that causes people to blame God for the evil and injustice in the world.   That is a different discussion. What I am referring to is the heartache that we all encounter, where the situations seem too personal, and how do I get rid of this PAIN?  I am suggesting that maybe our energies would be better spent working on our trust issues with God, instead of adding to them.  It might be easier to throw sticks at God or blame myself or others or rebuke Satan than say with Job, “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” (Job 2:10)

I am also not saying that we should just lay down in the dust and take whatever attacks us and become fatalistic, apathetic, and hopeless.  There are plenty of Scriptures that admonish us to battle the enemy.  But he is the enemy of our soul…not the enemy of our mortal lives.  If I stay distracted in fighting what is happening in the part of my life that I can see with my eyes, I cannot focus on what God wants to do in my character.  Whatever Satan is disturbing in the course of my daily life can be a distraction and the open door for him to destroy what really matters…..my soul.

Ok, so back to what I DO want to say.

Do I trust God enough to wreck my life and still believe Absolutely that He loves me?

Does God trust me enough to wreck my life and believe Absolutely that I will still love Him?

One last question:  Why didn’t God teach Job how to wage warfare against Satan, who played the hit man on Job’s life?  Thoughts?

And one last disclaimer: I hope you know that I’m not pretending to be an expert on any of this, a topic that doesn’t seem to be any more settled with God’s people than it was thousands of years ago.  This is just a place to work out my own thoughts, and I would welcome yours too.

I think that the opportunities for us to show God how much we trust Him are only going to increase in the coming days.  Embrace them.  Drink that Cup.  Cheers.



  1. Jennifer,

    This Lord has given you some deep insights in His (and yours) cup. It is the “fellowship of HIS sufferings”.

    love and peace,
    mary jane

  2. Oh, Jennifer, you have done it again–given me profound thoughts to consider for when things are upside down in my life (or seem so to me–perhaps not to God)–or just when I think they are not going “my way”. Bless you for this, Georgia

  3. As I sit here this morning with my cup of coffee reading your blog I am reminded again of God’s mercy. Seems that during my day I have to drink from many cups. Some are indeed bitter as I have to deal with people who for some reason or another seem to be drinking from cups that they have filled with bitterness. Others are drinking from cups that are genuinely filled with God’s mercy whether or not they like the way God brews up his mercy. I guess we need to be aware whether or not we have filled our cups or if God has filled them. Thanks for your thoughts – Pastor Kip

  4. Thank you for this, Jen. I am just about to open my bible, so let’s see what else God might have to say about this. Niki K.

  5. Good words Jen. Hit men is an interesting word. Job had no hit men only those who tried to have him curse God and get out of his misery. Interesting about Job, he had no one to encourage him in his love for God either,even though he didn’t understand what was happening to him. They didn’t have a Bible then it was only their relationship that kept him going.

    I am glad God has given me people in my life that will walk (or sit as in Job) that encourage my relationship and endure with me the cup that God has given me. I wonder, how would I have fared if I were Job and alone in my walk with God?

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